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Heating system has stopped working

If your heating system has stopped working:

  • Check if there is power to the heating equipment (there may be more than one unit that requires power). If there is no power at the Units (no lights operating or no display) check the fuse box for tripped fuses, (often the heating equipment may have its own remote fuse board). If there is still no evidence of power at the heating equipment you may need to arrange an electrician to attend your project.
  • Switch all the heating units off at the mains supply.
  • Check the pressure in the heating system, There will be a small gauge that indicates the current pressure. This is often next to the RED expansion vessel or on the front of the unit. The pressure should be between 1.0 & 2.0 bar. If this pressure is low, top up the system using the installed filling loop. If the pressure continues to drop, there may be a leak and topping the system up should not be continued.  
  • After a 30 second wait, turn all back on. For Air source heat pump systems, switch the outdoor unit on before the indoor unit (please note, it may take 20 mins after switching the unit on for the heating to start).
  • Check the displays do not show any alarms indicating a malfunction. If an alarm is displayed check the installation manual for likely causes for the malfunction alarm (if you do not have a copy of the installation / user manuals they are available to download from the manufacturer website).
  • Once the alarm has been determined and the suggested remedial action taken, switch the unit off again, then after a 30 second wait turn it back on (please note, it may take 20 mins after switching the unit on for the heating to start).
  • Ensure any timers on the system are switched on.
  • Ensure any thermostats on the system are turned up. If the house is above the thermostat settings, the heating will not come on.
  • For solid fuel boilers, please ensure there is fuel in the store.

If all the above actions do not restore the heating, many systems have a backup function. For information on how to activate these features please look up the installation / user manuals for your equipment or contact the manufacturers for their advice. 

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