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NIBE F1145 - Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump NIBE™ F1145 - A new generation of heat pumps

The NIBE F1145 is one of a new generation of heat pumps, designed to supply your home with inexpensive and environmentally friendly heating. With an integrated immersion heater, circulation pumps and a control system, the heat production is both safe and economical.

The heat pump can be connected to an optional low temperature heat distribution system such as radiators, convectors or underfloor heating. It is also prepared for connection to several different products and accessories, e.g. hot water heater, free cooling, ventilation recovery, pool and other heating systems.

The NIBE F1145 is equipped with a control unit to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, both cost-effectively and safely. Clear information about status, operation time and all temperatures in the heat pump are shown on the large and easy to read display. This eliminates the need for external unit thermometers.


  • Extraordinarily high efficiency 
  • Extremely installer-friendly 
  • Multicolour TFT display with user instructions 
  • Elegant, timeless and international design 
  • Scheduling (indoor comfort, hot water and ventilation) 
  • USB-port Remarkably low sound level 
  • Low energy DC circulation pump (A-rated) 
  • MCS approved 
  • SAP Q listed 
  • Benchmark checklist

System description

NIBE F1145 consists of heat pump, immersion heater, circulation pumps and control system. NIBE F1145 is connected to the brine and heating medium circuits. In the heat pump evaporator, the brine (water mixed with anti-freeze) gives off its energy to the refrigerant, which is vapourised in order to be compressed in the compressor. The refrigerant, of which the temperature has now been raised, is passed to the condenser where it gives off its energy to the heating medium circuit and, if necessary, to any docked water heater. If there is a further need for heating/hot water than the compressor can provide then there is an integrated immersion heater.


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