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Commercial Solar Thermal Installation for Public Swimming Pool

Ryedale Swimming Pool

Ecoliving, working in collaboration with Preston Lee Chambers and Solfex, designed and installed a solar thermal installation at Ryedale Pool, Pickering for Community Leisure.

Solar Thermal Installation

IMAG0026The solar thermal installation consisting of 2 rows of 21 solar thermal panels on the flat roof of the public swimming pool facility is designed to heat the swimming pool. It is integrated with a CHP (combined heat & power) unit with 2 gas boilers as back-up.  The estimated saving on gas is around 46% per annum on the 250m2 community  pool. On top of this the system benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) with quarterly payments in respect of the heat produced by the solar thermal panels. 

The initial design was for 72 solar thermal panels but after consideration this was found to be too large a system to work effectively during the summer months. To avoid stagnation of the system the number of panels was reduced to 42 to maximise the thermal input to the pool with minimal stagnation periods. The installation has a visual display panel fitted in the reception area for all to see the effect of the savings in carbon and energy.

IMAG0025The value of the contract to Ecoliving was £26,336.72 which doesn't include steel work and mounting points or installation of the plant equipment.
Ecoliving Technical Manager, Steve Sutcliffe added,

"This is an exciting installation because of the scale of solar thermal used and the financial benefit delivered to Community Leisure, specifically an estimated 46% reduction in heating costs overall as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint."

Mike Adams, Facilities Manager for Ryedale District Council quoted,

"Ryedale District Council has been able to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions while at the same time reducing expenditure on energy. Solar thermal technology is particularly suited to this type of facility due to the large energy demand and also aided by the orientation of the large south facing elevation. This is a win-win situation, having positive benefits for the customers of Ryedale Pool, for the Council, for residents of Ryedale and for the planet!"


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