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Solar PV and Air Source Heat Pump in a village by the River Trent

Solar PV Panels and Air Source, Nottinghamshire

A Nottinghamshire couple interested in Solar Photovoltaic panels for their 130m² 1960s bungalow, approached Mark Roper, Ecoliving Regional Director for Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The couple had a keen interest in gaining returns from their own production of energy and controlling their energy costs, particularly as they are semi-retired.

During the survey, Mark introduced the idea of a Heat Pump due to the size and characteristics of the property, and their need to replace an ageing oil boiler. An Air Source Heat Pump installation would provide another solution to allow the couple to benefit from further energy and running cost savings from renewable energy technology.

Dimplex ASHPFollowing the survey, Ecoliving provided estimates for the installation of Solar PV Panels and an Air Source Heat Pump along with energy performance and return on investment calculations. When the customers appreciated the energy savings coupled with the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, they decided to go ahead with installing both Solar PV and an Air Source Heat Pump.

The solar PV installation was interesting due to the mix of a standard pitched south-facing roof as well as making use of a large flat roof. Ecoliving installed 16 solar panels, 8 with black surrounds on the pitched roof at the front of the property and 8 standard panels on a Hilti Flat Roof Mounting system at the rear, controlled by a Power-One inverter. The panels mounted on the flat roof were installed on angle braces at a low angle of 10° to stay within planning guidelines.

CylinderThe old oil boiler, cylinder and loft tanks were removed and were replaced with a Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump along with a combined cylinder and buffer tank, which was located in the garage to free-up space in the house. The Ecoliving installation team replaced 4 radiators to ensure there was sufficient heat transfer into the house from the lower temperature operation of the air source heat pump. As a side benefit, the hot water subsequently operated at mains pressure rather than the trickle the customers had been used to.

"Excellent installers and a well-managed project. Would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Roper and his team to anyone"

Financial Benefit

Combining Solar PV panels with the Air Source Heat Pump resulted in substantial reductions in heating and hot water bills. Having the two systems running together enabled the couple to directly use the electricity generated by the Aolar Panels to drive the Air Source Heat Pump on sunny days. Anticipated savings are £950 per year for the Solar PV £650 per year for the Air Source Heat Pump, a 50% saving over the cost of oil.

Carbon Savings

1.7 tonnes of carbon every year from the Solar PV Panels and 1.6 tonnes of carbon every year from the Air Source Heat Pump.

System Details

Air Source Heat Pump - Dimplex Air-Eau PK1 LA 9 MI with combination 150L Cylinder and 75L Buffer tank Solar PV Panels - 4kW 16 x 250wp JA Solar JAM6-60 Inverter - Power-One PVI-3.6 Inverter

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