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What Happens Now?

This is a question most of us are asking ourselves this morning following the vote for the UK to leave the EU.

One thing is certain, probably the only thing, and that is change. Most of us find change challenging because it takes us outside our comfort zone. That often leads to fear which leads to us retreating into our shells rather than reaching out and working together. Now is surely the time to come together and discover how much we have in common and to work together to develop our communities sustainably.

Often it takes a crisis for old ways that no longer serve us to fall away and for innovative models, better suited to the time, to emerge. So let's come together and explore new opportunities in our communities and in our work!

Whatever change looks like, we need to embrace it. The best thing we can do now is breathe, breathe deeply and keep breathing! We need to deal with what comes up and not waste energy on speculation and fear. We have managed this for many days and years before and we will keep going now too.

It would be easy to speculate on what Brexit means for the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the UK and there will continue to be global factors that will affect this but we need a transition to a low-carbon economy as much today as we did yesterday. The renewables tide has turned with, for example, more solar energy installed globally in 2015 than fossil fuel generation. Renewables is the future and enables us to generate energy locally and cleanly to the benefit of our communities.

I ask this Westminster government, and the one soon to follow, to continue with incentives like the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Feed-in Tariff in at least a similar form as it is currently and provide that level of stability for investors and businesses. I also ask that it comes clean on the fact that the fossil fuel industry still receives 10 times the subsidy that renewables does. I ask that it wakes up to the fact that the people of the UK do not want fracking and question the economics of it and the strategy of centralised nuclear power.

I ask the Scottish government to increase its support for individuals, communities and businesses in Scotland to help them transition to a healthier and more sustainable low-carbon future through the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy.  

I thank all Ecoliving stakeholders: staff; customers; business partners; friends; those who refer business to us; sub-contractors and suppliers for their vision and their support and for helping us to fulfill our mission of accelerating the adoption of on-site renewable energy.

I ask and encourage us all to explore new ways of working together to create new opportunities that help meet the challenges that change may bring. It is only through our collaborative efforts that we have made and will continue to make a difference!


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Mark Henderson, Founder & Director, Ecoliving





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