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Summer into Winter

The outstanding Olympic and Paralympic Games have left a warm glow across the country, helping us all forget about the soggy summer. But as the days begin to shorten; householders will start thinking about maintaining the warm glow in their homes - and how much it's going to cost.

Heating accounts for 80% of the energy used in the home, so anything that reduces heating consumption is going to save householders money. There are two approaches: reducing heat loss and using a more efficient heating system.

All homeowners can take a few basic steps to save heat, such as closing doors and windows, pulling curtains shut at night and turning thermostats down a degree or two. These cost nothing to do. Eligible households can also receive free loft and cavity insulation.

However, for more substantial heat savings, homeowners should look at their heating system and the fabric of their property, investing in improvements which generate long-term savings. All good in theory, but the problem remains how to pay for it?

This is where the Government's new Green Deal can help. Due to start in October, the pioneering scheme will finance a range of energy saving and renewable technology improvements. It works like a loan, and homeowners will make repayments via their gas and electricity bills but, crucially, those repayments will not exceed the savings they have made by installing the new systems. Only registered Green Deal Installers can undertake the work, so it is vital that homeowners check credentials and use reputable companies - all of which should help that warm summer glow continue into autumn.

Further information can be found on the Energy Saving Trust and Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) websites.

Local experts Ecoliving offer free, no obligation energy surveys and advice for a range of renewable technologies. Contact Peter Hardy on 0845 301 3121,

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