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Reduce Your Energy Bills with Renewable Energy

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We are increasingly concerned about the security and supply of fossil fuels that we have relied on for so long. The global gas price has increased by nearly 40% over the past year. The price of oil has nearly quadrupled since 2002. The cost of heating oil has risen nearly 50% over the past 2 years. One and a half million homes in the UK rely on oil, LPG or solid fuel for heating. These are the householders with most to lose as the price of fossil fuels continues to rise. Renewable energy is seen by increasing numbers of people as a solution and a way to future proof energy bills in homes and businesses. 80% of all energy used in the average UK home is for heating and hot water. We can tackle rising energy bills by using the latest renewable energy technology like heat pumps, pellet boilers and solar panels. Up to £1250 is available to householders through the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

This customer's property is reasonably typical of what you would find in the countryside of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The house is reasonably well insulated, it has cavity wall insulation, doubly glazing, and the requisite amount of loft insulation. Ecoliving's approach was to talk to the customer about their needs and to carry out a free survey to find out the characteristics of the property. To heat the house as the customer wanted we recommended and installed an air source heat pump using their existing radiator. A key feature of heat pumps is to maintain a stable indoor temperature. This property is now comfortable 24 hours a day and the customer is paying less than £1000 a year in electricity. It would have cost over £2500 to obtain the same amount of heating from oil.

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