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Heat Pump Lake Collector Installation in Stirlingshire

Following the installation of a ground source heat pump using a lake collector to capture heat energy from the water. The ground source heat pump is designed to deliver heating and hot water in this rural property near Balfron Station in Stirlingshire.


This image shows the collector pipe floating on the top of the water. Once the collector pipe is filled with a water and antifreeze mix it will sink to the bottom of the lake. The cross bars between the two lengths of collector pipe creating the 'ladder' effect are weights which will keep the collector at the bottom for its lifetime, an anticipated 50 years.


Above, looking back at the lake, showing where the trench with the two lengths of collector pipe from the house meets the lake. The flow and return collector pipe is kept at least a meter apart and will collect energy from the ground as well once the trench is backfilled. The collector pipe travels to and from the ground source heat pump in the house.



 Here the two trenches for the heat pump collectors. The trench on the right has its collector pipe installed.


The two collectors laid in trenches from the lake meet at this manifold chamber which has still to be dug into the ground. They are fusion welded onto the 4 ends visible here. The manifold inside this chamber has shut off valves and flow meters to allow faster and easier filling and balancing of the collector pipes. Bringing the two collectors together in the manifold chamber means that only one flow and one return pipe need to be carried into the building.


Looking across the collector pipe trenches to the house near Balfron Station in Stirlingshire.

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