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Heat Pumps - from the customer point of view

Bill and I are not getting any younger and we are trying to kind of future proof the house and we really wanted a nice even temperature in summer and winter. Party achievable by the wonderful insulation that we have but Ecoliving recommended a Mitsubishi heat pump because that would keep a constant temperature. They said it would be twenty one degrees in the summer and in the winter themselves or hotter. Have a look at what one Ecoliving customer had to say about installing a heat pump.

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Ecoliving Micro-renewable Energy Masterclass

The first thing we always recommend in an existing building is do what you can to eliminate drafts and to insulate.
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Suffolk CtGC Awards Winner

In 2011, having raised over £430,000 in funding, the new Rattlesden pavilion was completed.
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Reduce Your Energy Bills with Renewable Energy

We are increasingly concerned about the security and supply and fossile fuels that we have relied on for so long.
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Ecoliving Testimonial Auchentoshan Terrace

I’ve been involved in a Glasgow Springburn project for 27 apartments and using ground source heat pumps.
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