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Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) Demo Ecoliving

So this is a Nibe ground source 17 kilowatt three phase heat pump with a 300 litre accumulator tank. Thats the connections coming through from the external onto the internal manifold system.
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How a Heat Pump Works

Basically how the heat pump works, we've got a fantastic damn over here, the actual internal gubbings, Keith Kemsley is going to show us how it works.
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Solar PV Still a Good Investment

The games didn’t just celebrate the nation’s sporting prowess, but also showcased Britain’s sustainable construction expertise, being the greenest games ever hosted - it’s just a shame the warmth generated by the games couldn’t be harnessed to heat our homes!
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Breathing new life into old – refurbishing the UK’s housing stock

Whilst it is technically possible to build new homes to exceptional standards, including zero carbon, the number of new homes being built each year will be a very small percentage of housing stock. Although new build will be important in pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, the main effort in the short to medium term will have to focus on improving the existing stock of millions of substandard houses. Therefore the future of housing in the UK will be largely defined by refurbished housing stock. How will this huge refurbishment programme be achieved?
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The Future of Housing, New Buildings & Sustainable Development

The technology and the aspiration to create the small self-built sustainable communities of the future already exist; it just requires the political will to turn that potential into reality. The Swedish model at Malmö is a tangible expression of the future of large-scale sustainable development, but it is only possible when stakeholders such as politicians, citizens, banks and developers coordinate their efforts.
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