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Wood chip Boilers

The Hargassner Woodchip Boiler range is summarised here. For more detail regarding each unit please read the Hargassner brochure which can be accessed as an electronic copy, here

Wood chips are produced from logs and waste wood (usually timber) being put through a chipper to create flat elongated wood chips around 30-50mm in size. Wood chips have a lower calorific value than pellets, meaning more chips and therefore storage space is required to achieve the same thermal output as pellets. Because wood pellets are essentially finely chopped up wood, the moisture content is higher than pellets (20-40%), which can make the fuel a lower-grade fuel unless the boiler is designed for moisture. Wood chips however, are cheaper per kilowatt hour than wood pellets and they are manually fed to the boiler via an auger to the adjacent fuel store. As the fuel requires more space for storage, the most common application for wood chip boilers are - but not restricted to - commercial or industrial uses. 


HK 150 - 200kW  

150-200 chip

  • Highest Efficiency over 90% - tested and certified! 
  • Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber and flame concentration plates for high-temperature combustion.
  • Lambda Sensor with fuel-quality detection - whether the fuel is soft, hard, dry or damp it does not matter. This control unit will identify the calorific value of the fuel and regulates the air in the combustion chamber.
  • Ash box compacting system permitting extended ash box emptying periods.
  • Ease of use through SMS module or remote monitoring via PC connection.
  • Induced draught fan creating optimum fuel efficiency and safety regardless and independent of the natural chimney draft.
  • Negative pressure sensor – safety feature ensuring the boiler shuts down if flue gasses enter the plant room.
  • Automatic sliding grate – fully automatic combustion chamber cleaning (150-kW and 199kW boilers have a moving step grate).
  • Automatic turbulator cleaning - producing higher overall efficiency of the heat exchange process.
  • Air sealed double rotary valve – 100% burn-back protection boiler and boiler can re-fuel whilst still ignited.
  • Ingenious single motor technology – controls boiler cleaning, fly ash transport, grate ash removal and ash transport to ash box.
  • 5 year warranty with warranty extensions available subject to service and maintenance contracts.  

Below is a video fully describing the internal components of the Woodchip Boiler range.

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