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Hargassner Fuel-Storage Solutions

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Fuel-Storage Solutions

Hargassner offer an extensive range of storage solution equipment to allow fuel storage to take place in variety of locations and property type. There are vertical augers capable of transporting fuel from ground level to upper levels, or lateral augers to ensure equal fuel dispersal at subterranean or ground levels. Below are images to depict the basic solutions for each fuel storage option. The main consideration to take into account when choosing the installation location of your boiler, is whether or not your property can be accessed by delivery lorry (if large volume deliveries are your preferred option).

Subterranean Store 

sub terrainian

This subterranean fuel store delivery point is beneath the ground adjacent to the external wall of the building. A lateral fuel auger transports the fuel and creates an even distribution of the fuel as it is collected in the main fuel store.

sub terrainian 2

sub terrainian 3

This image demonstrates how it is also possible to have the main fuel store, beneath the ground, adjacent to the external wall of the property which is directly filled from the delivery vehicle. 

Ground Level Storage

ground 1

This image shows a simple ground level fuel store, where the access point is big enough for direct delivery by dumper truck, or lorry.

ground 3

This image displays a narrow, tall fuel store with a vertical auger to transport fuel to the top of the fuel-stack and distributes it evenly on the surface. 

ground 2

This image demonstrates how it is possible to achieve a fuel store which does not have an external wall.

Upper-floor Storage 

upper floor

For properties where there is no opportunity to locate the fuel store either at ground level or subterranean levels it is possible to locate the fuel store on an upper-level of the property. The fuel can be transported from outdoors, via a combined lateral and vertical auger feeding system which is then dispersed equally from above. In this particular example the fuel is then redirected below to feed into the boiler. 

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